My nightmares always begin as dreams, and announce their onset by exactly the same meteorological slash atmospheric metaphor, whereby the warm and sunny weather I’m enjoying in my dream instantaneous- and inexplicably becomes overcast and cold. More than turn grey, the sky seems to die, that is putresce; likewise the landscape — which in theContinue reading “DREAM AND THEN A NIGHTMARE”


Like a lot of Silent Hill 2’s soundtrack, the music that begins playing partway along the run down the mountain is repetitive and monotonous, a slow, churning sort of sound that crests and recedes, crests and recedes in a heavy and even pattern. I’ve written already about the eponymous town’s consumptive, sentient behaviour, the wayContinue reading “GROPING AROUND INSIDE MY SKULL”


Honouring a great videogame tradition, this week’s RESTLESS DREAMS was repeatedly delayed. Contrary to some of what I’ve already written in this book, videogames are arguably very adept at inculcating their players to the mindsets of their characters, but typically this is enabled owing to the simplicity of the characters and the purity of theirContinue reading “VOLUNTEERING”


I don’t think that James is supposed to be depressed. I don’t think that he is grieving, in the pathological sense, or afflicted by anything which easily could be given a name. James to me, rather than ill or suffering from a specific or set of specific conditions, is like someone who is acutely miserable.Continue reading “LOVING REGARDLESS”


Once we leave the men’s toilet another cutscene begins. In the background, a vista of Silent Hill. The bathroom is parallel to a car park, within which James has secured presumably a nondescript light-blue sedan. Small in the frame, our protagonist leans against a short wall and gazes out over the town, our villain. Mary,Continue reading ““SPECIAL PLACE””


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