In that moment when the camera stops and James accelerates away from it, he appears, naturally, smaller and even more enveloped by the fog. If Silent Hill is “alive”, a malevolent but intangible sort of entity, designed after James’ own mind to consume, digest and excrete him remade, in this long, wide shot, of anContinue reading “MOUTH”


It’s darker when you leave the church and the fog is much denser. Compared to the initial downhill section, the road towards Silent Hill at this point becomes even more featureless, just wire fences and brown mud and a few small sections of pavement. More distinctive here is the camera — so much as aContinue reading “CAM”


Three days ago, in a fit of rage, I threw my coffee table across the room and it bent one of its legs. I’m resting my feet on it now while I’m writing and it keeps rocking and buckling, but I’m not going to get a new one. About halfway through the long initial walkContinue reading “OROSCO”


My nightmares always begin as dreams, and announce their onset by exactly the same meteorological slash atmospheric metaphor, whereby the warm and sunny weather I’m enjoying in my dream instantaneous- and inexplicably becomes overcast and cold. More than turn grey, the sky seems to die, that is putresce; likewise the landscape — which in theContinue reading “DREAM AND THEN A NIGHTMARE”


Like a lot of Silent Hill 2’s soundtrack, the music that begins playing partway along the run down the mountain is repetitive and monotonous, a slow, churning sort of sound that crests and recedes, crests and recedes in a heavy and even pattern. I’ve written already about the eponymous town’s consumptive, sentient behaviour, the wayContinue reading “GROPING AROUND INSIDE MY SKULL”


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