Once we leave the men’s toilet another cutscene begins. In the background, a vista of Silent Hill. The bathroom is parallel to a car park, within which James has secured presumably a nondescript light-blue sedan. Small in the frame, our protagonist leans against a short wall and gazes out over the town, our villain. Mary,Continue reading “CHAPTER FOUR: “SPECIAL PLACE””


But also we are not James. We are not James. Reads the instruction manual to Williams Entertainment’s 1995 port to the PlayStation of Doom: “You’re a space marine, one of Earth’s toughest, hardened in combat and trained for action. Three years ago you assaulted a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon civilians. WithContinue reading “CHAPTER THREE: STILL HEALTHY”


As the game starts, James has already made his journey to the outskirts of Silent Hill and, having gotten out of his car to stretch his legs, is standing inside a men’s toilet –- the foreground in the initial shots of the opening cutscene shows us urinals. The very first shot, however, is of James’Continue reading “CHAPTER ONE: MEN’S TOILET”